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7 Practices For Professional App

Practices For Professional App. Consider these best practices in your projects Hey guys, in these best practices shouldnt a professional android missing.

7 Practices For Professional App

1. Architectural Design Pattern

The more complex your software gets the more important it is to use an architectural design pattern. It makes your app scalable, easily maintainable and changeable.

The most popular one is MVVM, but you can also use other ones like MVI.

2. Coroutines

Almost nobody in the professional area uses threads anymore for asynchronous operations. The reason for that are Kotlin’s powerful coroutines that are much more efficient than threads.

3. Navigation Components

Almost every app needs some kind of navigation between its activities/fragments.

Navigation Components is the new way of doing that and should be preferred because it makes it much easier and more efficient than before.

4. Room

I still see a lot of people use the old sQLiteHelper to implement a local database With modern libraries like Room Persistence this old way of doing it became a terrible bad practice. As of 2020, you should never implement a local database without Room.

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5. Testing

Still so many people don’t test their code in a professional project. I don’t like it and you probably don’t like it too.

But, if you want your project to succeed you will have to write test cases or your users will quickly not be your users anymore.

6. Dependency Injection

Big projects can become very messy if you manage its dependencies in the separate classes. It’s much
better to use a library like Dagger that helps you to organize all of your dependencies on a central place.

Dagger has a very steep learning curve, but it
belongs to a professional project.

7. Use LeakCanary to Spot Memory Leaks

Especially in Android you can easily create memory leaks without even noticing. To prevent that I really suggest to use the library LeakCanary which finds your memory Ileaks and enables you to fix them.

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