90% Form Six Students Report To School

Deputy Secretary-General Office of Regional Administration and Local Government, Gerald Mweli said 90 percent of fo3 six students have reported to schools in all councils in the country.

He also said until now there was no information on the diagnose of Corona disease in the form six students who reported to the school.

Citing a report on school pupils reporting that they were due to start classes on June 1 this year, Mweli said

He said the students had started their studies recently and that today they would begin conducting examinations in order to conduct an assessment of areas where students were struggling.

In addition, Mweli said until there was no report of a student having symptoms of Corona disease.

“I would like to tell parents that children are doing well and starting yesterday and today (we have no occasion) to report that any pupil is suspected of being infected with Corona.

Mweli also said that in all schools there has been good preparation for admission and that all schools have complied with the guidelines issued by the health ministry.

“We have planned to have enough water, enough soap in our schools and focus on the distance of each student to keep our students safe.”

Mweli added: โ€œIt is our hope that within two weeks from now the students who will have done the test exams will be corrected and identify the deficiencies.

She said TAMISEMI has developed a special program to make sure puzzles are addressed to students.

“Call upon the teachers and school principals that the plans we have set for ourselves and the situation is going now to make sure we manage and are close to the children and talk to them regularly and provide them with Corona prevention education.

In addition, Mweli called on teachers, school principals and private school managers to ensure that they implement the prohibition of requiring students to go to school with ginger, lemon.

โ€œWe prevented students from going with lemon and ginger, so there is no reason to stop a student from returning to school for that reason.

“Call on teachers, school principals and private school managers to make sure they abide by the government’s directive to prevent students from going with ginger, lemon or syrup which was prohibited.

In addition, Mweli used the opportunity to urge directors of all councils in the country to ensure that they are closely supervised by their schools to ensure that children are safe until they complete their form six exams.

He also wants teachers, school principals and private school managers to be required to abide by the Ministry of Health’s directive and not hesitate to take action against anyone who goes against the guidelines and instructions of the school.

Recently, President John Magufuli announced the opening of classrooms for form six students after Coronavirus infection decreased after several months of closing schools and colleges due to the presence of the disease.

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