DARUSO Objectives And Government Structure University Of Dar Es Salaam


Dar es Salaam University Students Organization (DARUSO) is an independent student organization, which works for welfare of students. All UDSM students are members of DARUSO. DARUSO offices are located between Yombo 1 and Hall 6

Objectives of DARUSO

  • To bridge the gap between students and the UDSM administration
  • To protect the rights of all its members
  • To facilitate good environment for its members to study.
  • To coordinate and regulate all crucial matters for student stay at the University
  • To promote peace, love, respect and cooperation in the University community and in the neighbourhood.
  • To create networking with other Universities within the country and beyond.

DARUSO Government Structure

a. Cabinet Cabinet consists of President, Vice President, Prime Minister, Ministers and Deputy Ministers.
b. Judicial Organ
The Judicial organ consists of Chairperson of the Judicial Organ, Secretary of the Judicial Organ and all Chairpersons and Secretaries from colleges, schools, and institutes.
c. University Students’ Representative Council (USRC)
The USRC consists of Speaker, Deputy Speaker, Clerk and all University representatives from the Cabinet, Judicial organ, and elected representatives from colleges, schools, and institutes.