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Ajira Portal Applicant Account Filling Steps 2021/2022

How To Fill Ajira Portal Applicant Profile, Ajira Portal Applicant Account Filling Steps. The applicant’s information will be filled in the following tabs: Personal details, Contact Details, Academic Qualification, Professional Qualification, Language Proficiency, Working Experience, Training & Workshop Attended, Computer Literacy, Referees, Other Attachments and Declaration.

Applicants completed their profile properly are far more likely to be considered to the next step (shortlisted), so make sure your profile is complete to increase your chance system tracks your profile completion (percentage of completion) automatically while you fill the details in the mentioned tabs above, the details can be filled anytime regardless there are some vacancies or not, the percent of your profile completion can be seen on the Dashboard.

During the process of filling profile forms you may be asked to upload supporting document to be used on your applications. Make sure that you scan each document separately and save them in PDF format that is the widely supported format in the recruitment portal. Ajira Portal Applicant Account

Personal Details

The personal details tab, as shown below will include the applicants names, gender, nationality, date and place of birth etc. The applicant information will be fetched from NIDA once the correct National Identification Number is entered and verified.

Ajira Portal System Profile Registration

Once the correct information is fielded, the applicants information will be automatically filled.

You will then be required to fill in the form below and click save to upload your information into
the system.

Contact details

You will be required to fill in relevant contact information including your telephone number, postal and current adress, etc. Click save to upload your information into the system.

How To fill Ajira Applicants profile Ajira Portal

Academic Qualification

This tab is used to save your academic certificates that you have scanned in PDF format. These academic qualifications include the following levels; certificate, full technician certificate, diploma, advanced diploma, degree, postgraduate diploma, masters and phd.

Ajira Portal Academic Qualifications

Fill in all the required information by following these steps:
1. Select education level
2. Select the country of study
3. Select the appropriate ‘Programme Category’ (choosing the correct category ensures that
you will find the programme names associated with a specific category)

  1. Select the appropriate ‘Programme Name’. This should be the same as what is written on the specific certificate you are trying to upload. If you can not find your ‘Programme Name’ it is likely that you chose an incorrect category, therefore choose another more related programme category and search through the ‘Programme Name’ again to find the correct name.

Ajira Portal System Registration 2020

  1. Select or type in the institution name. If the institution name is not available, type in the full name, no abbreviations are allowed.
  2. Input the start and finish date
  3. Attach your certificate. Ensure that the certificate you attach is not more than 2MB.
  4. Click save to upload the changes into the system.


  1. You are required to enter each certificate individually.
  2. While entering information about CSE and ACSE, ensure that you enter the correct index number.
  3. Those who have studied outside Tanzania are required to have certificate verification letter or certificate from NECTA (for secondary education), NACTE (for diploma and
    certificates) and TCU (for university education).

For other steps you can see in PDF file below:-



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