ARIS UDSM How To Make Payments

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University Of Dar es Salaam use ARIS ( Academic Registration Information System) used for all Registration of Students with their all details include bank information, particular information Students results and other important information

Here are steps that can follow to make payment in ARIS using government payments system.

  • Login in ARIS. First you have to Login in your ARIS account by using your account details where user name is Registration number and first password is last name write it in capital letter.
  • Click My Payment. After Login in ARIS you will see my payment so click it to be directed where you can get option to create your payment details that can use banks or mobile money such as Airtel Money M-Pesa, Tigo Pesa, Halo Pesa, TTCL Pesa
  • Click create New Payment. The next step is creating new payment after click my payment, when you click it will be directed in another page that give you different options to choose things that you suppose to pay according to your level that you study which either Undergraduate or postgraduate.
  • Choose what you suppose to pay, The things that you are required to pay will be shown here so be careful to mark things according to your level of education.
  • Click Save and Request Control Number. After marking all things for paying at the buttom you will see button that need you to save and Request control number. So click the button to get your payment controller number.
  • Lastly You will be given your payment control number that you will use for making payment for things that only marked in previous stage.
NOTE: You can make your payment through Bank such as NMB Bank and using Mobile Money like Tigo Pesa M-PESA, Halo PESA, Airtel Money. But you advised to use bank so to get receipt that you will use to submit during registration processes for more evidence of your payments.