ARU Second Round Application 2020/2021

ARU Second Round Application 2020/2021

ARDHI UNIVERSITY (ARU) undergraduate programmes Applicants 

Kindly be informed that confirmation window is now opened for applicants with multiple admission. You may login into your account and confirm to secure your admission.

The window for Application is open from 12th October 2020 to 18th October 2020


Step 1: Registration for an admission account

  1. Visit our admission system through web address( url) :
  2. Create for an account in Ardhi University Admissions System through the login / register menu, or click the “Apply Now” button. Note: to create an account in admission system you will need the following details
    1. Where you studied your secondary level education If you have studied your O-level secondary level education in Tanzania then, you must enter your NECTA Form 4 Index Number.

      1. Make sure you have your Form 4 Index Number and your names should be the same as they appear in your certificate(s).
      2. For applicants with multiple sittings, make sure you use your first sitting NECTA form 4 index no.
      3. If you have studied your O-level secondary level education abroad then, you must enter your passport number.
    2. First name
    3. Second name
    4. Email Address
    5. Mobile Telephone Number
  3. To finalize registration you will need to enter in a password that you will use whenever you wish to log into our system.
    Then click the “create an account” button on your right hand side to create for an account.

    1. If you are successfully registered, then the system will send an email to your email address and an SMS to your mobile phone number which you have registered.
    2. Use the authentication code sent to your email or mobile phone number to complete your registration process.

Step 2: Make Application

  1. After you have successfully logged in to your account click the start a new application menu.
  2. You will be presented with four[4] steps to finish your application
    • Step 1: Basic Details.
      Follow the basic details form to enter your information
    • Step 2: Education Background.
      If you have multiple O-Level or A-Level sittings, make sure you enter all your NECTA index numbers for results from your multiple sittings to be used in the selection process.If you are a holder of an ordinary diploma or you have equivalent qualifications make sure you enter your AVN number from NACTE.

Step 3: Program Selection

  • Select the programme of your choice from first choice to fifth choice as shown on the programme application form

Step 4: Application Fee

  • Use the reference number shown to pay application fee by using mobile money services i.e. Mpesa, tigopesa, Airtelmoney etc. Tanzanian applicants are required to pay a non-refundable application fee of TSH 10,000/=


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