Jafo Give 17 days Morogoro Market to be completed

Government under TAMISEMI Minsiter Selemani Jafo give 17 days for Morogoro Market to be completed

Minister of State Presidential Office Regional Administration and Local Government Hon. Selemani Jafo has instructed the leadership of the Morogoro Region to complete the construction of a market building at the Morogoro Municipal Council by June 17 this year.

He issued the order today while on a professional tour in Morogoro Region to review the development projects implemented by the Council, Morogoro Region

Hon. Jafo made the statement due to a delay in the completion of the market within a predetermined time frame which goes against the Government’s expectation of providing quality services to citizens.

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He explained that the market was built by the Government through the funding of strategic projects in the country and was started at the beginning of last year and will help businesses have a friendly and healthy environment for doing their business

At the same time, Hon. Jafo visited the construction of the Mafiga-based dockyard under TARURA supervision and was inspired by the construction speed of the standi which was completed at 98 percent.

In addition, Hon. Jafo has called on the municipality to continue to manage revenue collection from its various sources including markets and bus stands to increase the output of the municipality.

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