Jokate Mwegelo Congratulate By Jafo

Jafo Congratulate DC Jokate Mwegelo After Building School

TAMISEMI ​​Minister Selemani Jafo has ordered the commencement of the construction of a new Kisarawe Secondary School as well as the start of work on the Mhaga Clinic located in Kisarawe District to alleviate the education and health challenges in the district. The school built will be known as Jokate Mwegelo Secondary school.

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Minister Jafo said this during a visit to inspect the school built through a “TOKOMEZA ZERO” campaign under Kisarawe district head Jokate Mwegelo where he said the one and the building of the Kisarawe school and the dispensary also expects to add classrooms, labs and other buildings to complete the school that reached up to 70 percent.

DC Jokate said the school becomes the 17th in the district of Kisarawe where the process of teachers and registration has begun especially after the minister suggested the headmaster of the school named after Mariam Mpunga who was formerly Kibuta Primary School.

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