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JPM order Morogoro Leaders Solve Land Dispute

JPM order Morogoro Leaders Solve Land Dispute. President John Magufuli has directed the leadership of the Morogoro Region to ensure that the erased land is distributed to the people for agricultural use to end land disputes in the region.

President Magufuli has issued the directive at the laying of the foundation of the modern railway corridor (SGR) from Morogoro to Makutupora along with the road project.

Referring to the modern rail project President Magufuli noted that over 6 trillion shillings are being spent on its construction. The stones he has laid for the foundation are four and all together are more than two kilometers high

In another move, the president said he was dissatisfied with the speed of the national contractors for failing to implement timely projects, so he wanted them to change.

Earlier, on his way to Kilosa region, he had instructed the Minister of Land, Housing and Human Settlements, William Lukuvi within seven days to submit to him a 500-hectare farm tract given to a Chinese citizen, to have the land cleared the distribution of the population.

The move is based on a public complaint they made to President Magufuli when he stopped to speak to them, who have complained of leasing the property by the investor rather than owning their own land.

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