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How To Make Money Online Through Blog 2021

Make Money online Through Blog 2021, How to make dollars blogging 2021. A lot of people now need to develop blogs for their business, hobbies, sources of income as use it to make money online. Today are here again to give you important things to consider in blogging for beginners so as to be best blogger to compete in the market of blogging with those staring or started long time a go and make dollars everyday.

How To Make Money Online Through Blog 2021

So we give the following important tips for beginners in industry of blogging to make dollars:-

  • Blogging Skills

Blogging is not easy as you think or the way see people posting their news or articles it need time to learn lot of things so as you can be goog blogger who need to inform people all over the world.

You must study different tutorials on internet or watch tutorial videos in YouTube how to start good blog before get in blogging industry. Blogging skills will ensure you to do good and perfect things in blogging so as to get more traffics from different parts of world will be visiting your blog.

  • Know blogging Platforms

However if you need to be best blog beginner must do this thing of knowing different blogging Platforms as we list some of them here Blogger, WordPress, Weekly, Weebly.

Sure you have to study those blogging Platforms to know their cons (negative) and pros (positive) of each blogging Platforms so as you can choose right blogging Platform for your blogging activities.

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β€’ Choose best blogging Platforms to make money online

Another good thing to consider how will you choose blogging Platform that will use for your blogging activities because there is a lot of blogging Platforms that available such as blogger, wordpress, weebly, wix, and other more. Blogging skills you have before will enable you to choose proper platform for your blog by you adviced to us wordpress platform for businesses blogging activities because it has a lot of plugins options to make your blog good and get alot of traffics since it has many SEO Plugins option compare to blogger and other blogging Platforms.

  • Choose Your Niche.

Also in blogging industry Niche is best hing, you has blogger it’s very difficult to post everything so must choose nice Niche or topic foe blogging. There following below are the best topics to choose to make dollars in blogging:-

  1. Investment and Finance blogs
  2. Technical blogs
  3. Fashion blogs
  4. Digital marketing blogs
  5. Job And Education blogs
  6. News blogs
  • Good And Unique Article Writing

People start blogging but they don’t write their own article use to copy exiting articles without moderate them. So for best blogging must write unique and good articles so as to get more organic traffics and when you apply for Monetization like Google Adsense to be easy agreed by them since you blog or website will have new ideas or articles. “Best Blogger don’t copy, they write own articles”

  • Proper Arrangements of Articles

This also is very important in blogging you have to aarrange arrange your posts in good paragraph with use of bullets to list some of things or main points in your blog article

  • Apply For google Adsense and other alternatives make money online

Then after make your blog is good as we explain above you can start to apply for Google adsense to make a lot of dollars or you can use the following best alternative Google Adsense to make money 2020

  • this found in Tanzania
  • PropellerAds
  • Amazon Native Shopping Ads
  • Adversal
  • Sovrn //Commerce (Formerly VigLink)
  • Skimlinks
  • Monumetric
  • InfoLinks
  • ylliX
  • Evadav
  • PopCash
  • PopAds
  • RevContent
  • Adsterra
  • OIO Publisher
  • SHE Media
  • AdRecover
  • MadAds Media
  • Bidvertiser
  • Adbuff
  • BuySellAds
  • AdClickMedia

NOTE: Make sure you read carefully their policy before apply so as your application can be considered so as to make money online

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