NECTA National Examinations Council Newsletter 2021/22

The National Examinations Council of Tanzania (NECTA) is Government Institution which was established by the Parliamentary Act No. 21 of 1973. NECTA is responsible for the administration of all National Examinations in Tanzania.

The decision to establish NECTA was a follow-up of an earlier move, in April 1971, when Tanzania Mainland pulled out of the East African Examinations Council (EAEC) to conduct her own examinations.

Zanzibar pulled out of EAEC in 1970. Before the pull out, between 1968 and 1971, Tanzania sat for foreign Secondary School Examinations conducted jointly by the East African Syndicate, which before then were conducted by the Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate alone.

The Examinations conducted by the Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate then were the School Certificate and the Higher School Certificate Examinations. The School Certificate Examinations was taken by the African Students for the first time in 1947 and that of the Higher School Certificate in 1960.

National Examinations Council

NECTA National Examinations Council Newsletter

Our Mission

To Provide Fair, Efficient and Effective
Educational Assessment.
Our Vision
To be the Centre of Excellence in Quality
Educational Assessment and Certification.

National Examinations Council Core Functions

• To formulate examinations policy in
accordance with the principles of Education
for Self- Reliance and the Education and
Training Policy.
•To assume responsibility for examinations
within the United Republic of Tanzania
and to provide places and centres of
• To receive from other persons or bodies
of persons, reports or other material affecting the examinations policy and from time to time to consider and review the
examinations policy as circumstances may
• To co-operate with other persons or
entrusted bodies in the orderly development of the examinations system in the United
Republic of Tanzania.
•To conduct examinations for, and to grant diplomas, certificates and other awards of the Council.
• To act as the body which shall facilitate, administer and supervise foreign examinations in Tanzania.
Our Core Values
• Fairness
• Accountability
• Integrity
• Responsiveness
• Confidentiality and Security
• Efficiency
From The Desk of the 
Executive Secretary
Welcome to the Fifth Edition of the National
Examinations Council of Tanzania Newsletter. The edition includes some of the major events that have taken place at the Council in the last year. Some of the events are; verification of public servants’ certificates, launching of Primary Records Manager (PReM) and benchmarking activities, to mention but a few.
The essence of publishing the NECTA Newsletter is to give the public and the educational stakeholders in particular, a glimpse of some of the activities undertaken or carried out by the Council in a particular period of time.
For quite some time, we have not been publishing our Newsletter consistently (biannually). However, more effort is being done to ensure that after every six months, educational stakeholders get an opportunity to access a new Newsletter.
I would also like to invite people who wish to contribute educational or learning materials for the next newsletter edition to send their articles to ([email protected])
before the end of March, so that we get ample time for compilation.
It is my sincere hope that you enjoy reading this fifth edition of NECTA Newsletter, and if you have any comments about the published articles, please send them through the above mentioned email address. Once again, thank you for being with us; enjoy the edition.