News : Philosophy Essay Competition 2021

Philosophy Essay Competition 2021.

Philosophy Essay Competition 2021. UN WORLD PHILOSOPHY DAY 2021 CONFERENCE Call to Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students, and Non-Tenured Philosophers in Tanzania Philosophy Essay Competition 2021


  1. Building a participatory democracy from the grass roots
  2. Roles of higher education in making sustainable development a reality
  3. Responsibilities of government to ensure individual freedoms and humarights
  4. Challenges facing vulnerable and marginalized groups in society
  5. Religious authoritarianism and the indoctrination of prejudice
  6. Women’s economic justice and rights
  7. Political platforms used as routes to personal success and power
  8. The ever-growing informal sector of the economy
  9. Paradoxes of assistance sustained by non-governmental organizations
  10. Gender-based inequity

5 winners of the maiden round of these prizes will be awarded travel costs and accommodation to showcase their essays at the conference and 10 winning essays will be published in the conference proceedings

Eligibility requirements:

Contestants must be:

  • An Undergraduate or Postgraduate student registered at a university, college, research institute, or school located in Tanzania OR otherwise affiliated with a university, college, research institute or school located in Tanzania.


Procedures for the Philosophy Essay Competition 2021:

  • Essays will be vetted through blind review.
  • Essays must be at maximum 3,500 words inclusive of references.
  • Winners will be able to expand for publication after presentation.
  • All essays’ contents must be conceptual or theoretical in any philosophical tradition.
  • One WORD file must be sent by the contestant: Title of file document should include “Philosophy Essay Competition”.
  • The cover page should include – title of an essay, Author’s full name, author’s affiliation and current role in that institution or author’s location and employment status.


Essays must be submitted by OCTOBER 24, 2021

Philosophy Essay Competition 2021

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