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Police Ordered To Arrest Law Violators

Police Ordered To Arrest Law Violators. The Tanzanian Police Force has ordered regional police commanders and highway safety officers to continue arresting and taking legal action against all violators of the law.

A statement issued by Police Force spokesman David Misime has ordered legal action against whistleblowers, fireworks, flashing lights and flashing lights to change colors that the law has not granted permission to do so and has no permit from the Ministry of Affairs. in the State Gazette and published in the Government Gazette.

The army has stated that according to the law they are allowed to pack lanterns and firearms for emergency vehicles which are police, military, ambulance or other vehicles and trucks that have received approval from the ministry of securities.

Other vehicles are those used by senior national leaders and heads of defense and security agencies, so anyone who is not in those groups violates the law by stating anything in the description.

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