Registration Requirements For Technical Teachers


For a teacher to be registered as Technical Teacher has to meet/possess the following minimum requirements for Registration:-

  1. Minimum Educational Qualification NACTE standards require that to qualify as a Technical Teacher, applicant should possess educational qualification in the relevant subject area at least one level higher than the level required to teach.

  2. Teacher Training Qualification
    In order to qualify as a Technical Teacher applicant needs to have undergone CBET delivery and assessment training.

  3. Ability to Teach
    A Technical Teacher with the ability to teach should possess a range of personal qualities that can operate in the four domains:

Teaching/Learning Space;
Institution; Community/Industry; and the Teaching Profession. In other words he/she should be able to interact with students, colleagues, parents and employers.

  1. Good Character
    A Technical Teacher is expected to maintain high personal qualities for trustworthiness, honesty, reliability, sensitivity and respect for others.

  2. Professional/Industrial Experience
    A Technical Teacher is expected to have vast competencies in his/her area of expertise evidenced by industrial training, working experience, research and consultancy services.

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