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Salary Advance Loan CRDB Bank PLC Apply Here

How To Apply Salary Advance Loan CRDB Bank PLC

Salary Advance Loan CRDB Bank PLC

Salary Advance Loan. Emergencies happen. Maybe you need a quick loan until your next payday. We have a solution for you.

Our Salary Advance Loan is an inexpensive way to access an instant loan up to 50% of your salary through SimBanking.

How to Get Personal Loan CRDB Bank PLC

Why choose CRDB Bank Salary Advance Loan?

  • Express loan of up  to TZS 1,000,000
  • Low interest rate of 5%
  • 30 days repayment period
  • No processing fee
  • Can be accessed anytime through SimBanking


  • Government/ private sector employee channelling salary through CRDB Bank
  • Registered on SimBanking

How to Apply for Salary Advance

  • Dial *150*03# , choose no. 6(Services) on the menu  and follow instructions

Mailing Address:
P.O. BOX 268,
Dar es Salaam

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