Saniniu Laizer shocked the world

Saniniu Laizer shocked the world

Saniniu Laizer shocked the world. One of the achievements of President Magufuli in the Mining Sector until June, 2020, a total of 31 mineral markets and 39 mineral procurement centers were established in the country, the main advantage is the increase in the amount of minerals known to be produced and increased revenue. Dr. Hasssan Abbasi, Chief Government Spokesperson

“The story of the small scale miner Saniniu LaIzer who on June 24, 2020 shocked the world after he sold the Government a 9.27 kg tanzanite mineral and then found a 5.80 kg stone is a testament to the success of the Mirerani wall” – Dr. Hassan Abbasi

“Saniniu sold the stones with a total value of TZS 7,744,152,703.82. Also on August 3, 2020 the miner sold to another Government Tanzanite weighing 6.3317 kg which was worth 4,846,537,271.12 ”-Dr.Abbasi

“This is the first time in the history of Tanzania to be able to find Tanzanite mineral with such a high value and value that enabled the Government through the Mining Commission to collect revenue of Shs 881,348,298.25 and is the result of strong management – Dr. Hassan Abbasi

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