Sony faces lawsuit for limiting purchase of games on PlayStation Store

Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC appears to have been sued for an illegal monopoly by limiting the purchase of PlayStation games to its own stores. The message comes from a user who has made a complaint.

According to a Bloomberg report, the Japanese tech giant could face a class action lawsuit from gamers two years ago banning third parties such as Amazon, Best Buy and Walmart from selling PlayStation game download codes. This makes the Sony PlayStation Store the only official source for buying digital games on the PlayStation. In other words, create a monopoly on the market.


According to the consumer who filed the lawsuit, Sony’s monopoly allowed it to charge competitive prices for PlayStation digital games which were significantly higher than the physical prices sold in the competitive retail market and significantly higher than in the competitive Digital gaming market. Sources add that consumers can end up spending up to 175 percent more on downloadable games than games with CDs.

Unfortunately, Sony hasn’t responded to any questions regarding this claim. This case has been filed with the United States District Court in the Northern District of California (San Francisco). So stay tuned as we will provide updates when there is additional information or areas of interest for development on this topic.

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