Teachers And other Jobs At KKKT Diocese of Meru

Teachers Job And other At Diocese of Meru (KKKT DME), Teachers And other Jobs At Diocese of Meru (KKKT DME)

The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Tanzania, the Diocese of Meru (KKKT DME) is among the 26 Diocese of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania. This diocese was officially born on June 21, 1992 and received the Registration Certificate no. SO. 7724 on July 16, 1992.

This diocese was originally a State under the North Diocese and bordered by the North Central Diocese on the West and South side as well as the Diocese of the North on the East and North on Mount Meru. The Diocese of Meru uses for the most part the Arumeru Eastern Electoral District with an area of 1,483 square kilometers. Most of the residents of this area are farmers and herders.

Provinces, congregations and Meru Diocesan Centers currently have 5 constituencies which are; Central, South, West, East and North. The total number of congregations is 59 and about 166 streets. The number of Christians is currently estimated at over 80,000.

In preaching the Gospel of Jesus in action the Diocese of Meru runs educational and health care centers. It currently manages 8 Secondary Schools, Technical Secondary 1, Technical Colleges 2, Primary and Primary English Primary School 1, Hospital 1, Health Center 1 and Clinic 2.

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