TSMC to suspend chip orders to Chinese supercomputing firms over US Sanctions

TSMC to suspend chip orders to Chinese supercomputing firms over US Sanctions

The United States recently blacklisted new people for trafficking who were of Chinese descent. The impact of these sanctions is now starting to have an impact as TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company) has blacklisted a new chip order from a new company.

The world’s largest contract chip maker has stopped taking orders from Phytium Information Technology Co., one of seven related Chinese supercomputing companies added to the US list last week, according to the SCMP report. According to sources close to the matter, the company will fulfill all existing contracts before the Chinese company is blacklisted on national security allegations.

A TSMC spokesman also declined to comment, but said the company would “comply with all export laws, regulations and restrictions as usual”. Fitium has not yet issued an opinion on this topic. While China is investing heavily in developing its domestic semiconductor technology, currently China still relies on foreign technology and chips from abroad.

Supercomputers in the country use processors made by technology giants such as Intel, AMD and IBM. According to Francis Lau, a computer science professor at the University of Hong Kong, “sanctions will inevitably affect China’s ability to maintain its leadership position in supercomputing because all supercomputers today mostly use American components. Although there are alternatives made by other countries such as Japan and America [South] ] Korea, the best component still comes from the US. “

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