What Is Play, Element, Form Of Drama

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Qn . 1 What is play

  • This is a literary form of writing for theatre, which narrates a story with elements of conflicts, tensions, and actions through dialogues of characters. The writer of a play is a playwright

Qn. 2 List kind of play

  • Comedy is a type of drama that aims to make the audience laugh. Its tone is light and it
    mostly has a happy ending.
  • Tragedy is the play where Murders, deaths, insanity, and pain are among the most common ideas in tragedies.
  • Tragicomedy is a special kind of drama that combines the features of tragedy and comedy
  • Melodrama is a kind of drama in which everything is hyperbolized.
  • Histories is kind of play is based on historical events and characters, often on kings or important figures from Roman history.

Qn.3 Element and form of play.

  • PLOT-It what happens. The structure of the play include Exposition, Inciting Incident or
    Conflict, Rising Action, climax, falling Action, Denouement.
  • CHARACTER- Characters are the people, or sometimes animals, subjected in the drama,
    and are portrayed by the actors and actresses in the play.
  • SETTING- The setting is the place, together with other conditions, such as time and the
    environment, involved in which the events occur.
  • LANGUAGE. The word choices made by the playwright and the enunciation of the
    actors of the language.
  • SPECTACLE- Everything that is seen or heard on stage. Actors, sets, costumes, lights
    and sound
  • THEME- The theme is expressed through words and actions of the characters in a series
    of situations that make up the plot. Each situation takes place in a setting

NOTE: Genre/Form Of Drama

Drama is divided into the categories of tragedy, comedy, melodrama, and tragicomedy as explained above in question number Two (2) Each of these genre/forms can be further subdivide by style and content.


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