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The movie THE MAN WITH A MOVIE CAMERA. This is the movie which trying to show as how do people’s lives in all aspect while struggling to get their basic needs such as food for example different people works in different place with care the gender .

I like the movie because it has show that all people are equal unlike other movie which shows that men are superior than women where by in this movie they were all equal to perform different roles example the woman works in textile factor and other one cleaning hence this prove that women can do any job. Also it has show the uniqueness of a women after giving birth that women can not only bare baby’s  but also perform other domestic duties.



In this movie The man with a moving camera has shown us different themes such as separation  after two people who signed the divorce to the lawyer, also there was marriage issue after seen another two people signed the marriage paper to lawyers ,another one was role played by women
in the society and responsibility in the society.


Also this movie has provide a lesson in the society that for better changes there must be hardworking that is to say all people they have to unite and work had without care the gender. Also women can become sources of changes in the society hence we have to treaty them fairly.


This movie is relevance in our society because some of the things happened in the movie are also
in our society example marriage issue, separation (divorce),had working.


I dislike the movie because it has tried to show racism this is when white women birth and the black women wash the bathroom where by until now racism is still exist and its lead to the separation hence for better development racism must be abolished.

Therefore this movie its can become source of development and changes due to the factors that is emphasize hardworking and also making people physically good due to the fact that it encourage physical exercise as it has shown in the movie also encourages people to worship as it has happened in the movie where people went chapel forworshipping hence its resemble our society .

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